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It’s all about impact and character. It comes loaded with tons of header, background, and typography options to help you build the perfect blog.

  • Lytton is an extensively customizable single-channel theme for virtually any use.
  • Create a bold landing page with full-screen background and header options.
  • Keep your followers connected with links to more than 20 social media sites.

Check out Lytton and more at tumblr.com/themes

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Theme #8: Penny { Live Preview | Code }

  • 500px posts
  • 6 custom links
  • 330 x 780px sidebar image
  • long description length
  • blog title in sidebar
  • 1 column theme
  • mini cursor
  • back to top button
  • don’t remove the credit!
  • like/reblog if using
  • if you have questions send me an ask off anon

I reblogged some long sidebars on my decorating blog {click here}

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Introducing Gallery

A beautiful fade-out header, and four or three columned grid.

Get Gallery

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Ficrecs page 01 by hardziam / themesbyzsu 


  • 3 links
  • Webkit scrollbar(s)
  • Search for fics via keywords
  • Hidden keywords list
  • Fully customisable colors
  • (Optional) pop-up reader commentaries (Don’t have to include them for every single one)
  • Star- rating system

Version A: 1 column {Preview} | {Code}

Version B: 2 columns {Preview} | {Code}

If there’s any problems, please do not hesitate to come to me and tell me!! please like/reblog if using too because it makes me happy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

inspiration & various scripts credit: {x}

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About Me and Navigation pages

About Me page 

  • Image 323px · 100px
  • short or long description, it doesn’t matter
  • webkit scrollbar

static preview - code

Navigation page 

  • 5 sections (click on every title)
  • links, links, links and more links, it doesn’t matter
  • simple and easy to edit

static preview - code

like or reblog if using/saving

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About this theme:

Minimal theme which looks good in photography/personal blogs. The theme can be customized to 400/500px posts. The topbar consists of 5 main links 2 in which is divided by sublinks. In main link 2 and 3, 15 and 6 sublinks have already been added, respectively. Mainlinks two and three can have a dozen of sublinks that can be added in the code itself. 

[!] the message box requires the url of the user. in the “Your username” option, you should place your username (ex: myusername) (from myusername.tumblr.com) to access the message box.

(Static preview 500px) | (Static preview 400px)

Download Links: (wait for 5 seconds and click on skip ad)

pastebin | tinypaste

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theme 03 // toujours pur



· 250/400/500px posts
· index/home link + 5 custom links
· optional custom cursor
· optional background + customization
· customizable colors


· keep your title an one-liner for best result
· do message me if you spot mistakes/need help
· do not remove credit/take any part of codes and claim it as your own
· but do tweak as much as you like
· like or reblog if using.

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° Theme #7: Affiliation by peppermintys

livepreview // code

9 sidebar images
▶ Each sidebar image is 100x100 px
▶ 4 customizable icon links
▶ Should you choose to add a description, it can be as long as you wish.
***CREDITS: all 9 sidebar images seen in the live preview are icons made by wolfwrecked

DO NOT: redistribute, steal, frankenstein, remove credit (you may move credit to a sidebar link if you wish), use/redistribute as base codes. Thanks.

Please reblog or like if using/thinking of using!
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THEME #3 - Belle Fleur [PREVIEW] [CODE]

  • 500/400/250px posts
  • Long Sidebar Image (200x800)
  • Show Captions
  • Fade Images
  • Hover Description
  • Hover Links
  • Sidebar Navigation
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Theme 010 - On the Inside of Love

↳ live preview + download


  • 500px wide posts
  • 350px wide tall sidebar picture
  • Option for custom title and subtitle
  • Up to 4 sidebar links
  • Quick reblog links
  • Webkit scrollbar (Chrome and Safari only)
  • Don’t tamper with the credit unless to move to a separate and dedicated credits page.
  • Inspiration does not equal blatant copying, of either the code or concepts. 
  • Don’t use this as a base code and then credit me for merely “theme details” or anything of the sort.